Juice Cleanse

At Bay Organics we are committed to providing healthy, fresh and organic foods to the local community. Our juice cleanse is made from only 100% certified organic fruits and veggies, and is designed to provide your body with a wide spectrum of micronutrients.

A juice cleanse is the perfect way to boost your system with pure, natural, plant-based energy. Our juices flood your body with a vast array of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to help your system restore, detox, rejuvenate and stay strong.

A juice cleanse will help you to:

  • reset your system to crave healthy foods.
  • jumpstart weight-loss
  • boost your immunity.
  • promote clear skin.
  • detoxify your body.
  • ease and improve digestion.

OUR cleanse:

  • is available in 1 – 5 day options.
  • offers 3L of colourful, organic juice every day, squeezed fresh each morning.
  • is comprised of 75% veggies and 25% fruits.
  • is customisable to your tastes.