Why Organic?

Bay Organics is the home of certified organic, GM-free foods and products.

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To restore soils for productive cropland and to secure the future of Australian agriculture. Organic farming systems are based on the principle of land and soil regeneration and the best environmental practices.


Research has shown certified organic foods can be more nutritionally dense than their non-organic counterparts and deliver more essential nutrients per calories consumed. Organic food consumption means avoiding eating up to two kilograms of food additives each year, as well as harmful pesticides.

On average, organic foods contain about one-third more cancer-fighting antioxidants than comparable conventional produce.

Animal Welfare

Eating organic meats ensures the humane treatment of animals. Organic livestock is grown in a way that conforms to natural processes of growth and development. When consumers buy meat or animal by-products that are certified organic, they are ensured that the animals involved have been raised under some of the most stringent protection regulations in the world.


Organic food is produced using sustainable farming methods that imitate natural ecological processes. Organic farming practices reduce chemical runoff and residues in drinking water, waterways and coastal areas. Runoff is the main cause of diminishing marine life, animals and plants. Over 29,500 tons of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators are used each year in Australia. Organic farming helps ameliorate climate change, and lower agricultural greenhouse gases. Organic farming prohibits synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, which account for two-thirds of all cropping emissions. Organic land also focuses on building healthy soil, which stores a high level of carbon – more carbon in our soil means less in our atmosphere!

No GMO’s

Organic food prohibits the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) or ingredients. With relaxed GM labeling laws in Australia, selecting organic foods is one of the only ways consumers can be sure they are avoiding products containing GM substances.


We believe that certified organic foods taste better! Go on and try for yourself.